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Make Your Mark in March: At Work

When we talk about "making a mark" at our jobs, what does that really mean?  Does it mean getting promoted or winning awards?  Does it mean to change everything so that you are remembered?  It CAN be those things, but generally we all "make our mark" in far more quiet ways.  Here are some suggestions to help you make a difference in the workplace:

Join/Begin a New Project - Is there a project that everyone knows needs to be done, but no one is willing to get it started?  Maybe you are the one who should do it.  Is there is a project that you know needs a helping hand and you have been putting it off for one reason or another?  Maybe it's time to jump in!  A good way to make a difference in the workplace is to take on or help with things that others ignore.  Look for places to step in and see what you can do to get a big job started and finished.

Be Consistent - Be consistently on time to your job.  Consistently finish your work in a timely manner.  Consistently follow office protocol and work well with others.  All of us make mistakes at times, but if you are dependable and people always know you do your best at all times, a lot of mistakes can be overlooked.  However, if you do amazing work, but your seldom finish on time, show up late every day, don't work well with others, and you care some days and others you don't, the good work you do won't get noticed as well and in fact, you can lose your job.  Be consistent with how you perform at your job in a good way.  This will stand out more than just being good at what you do.

Be Respectful - Another thing that is super important is to be respectful to your boss and the people you work with.  If you do a great job, start a big project, are consistent in your work, but you disrespect those around you and your boss, chances are your time at your job will be short lived as well.  If you are respectful, that might actually speak louder than a lot of other things you may do and help someone notice the job you are doing sooner.  People will trust someone who respects them and treats them well.  If you are trusted, then chances are advances in your workplace may happen sooner with you than with someone else who has the same qualifications but disrespects those around them.  No one wants to be around someone who disrespects them.

Be Friendly - Maybe you and everyone you work with do their jobs well consistently and respect each other pretty well, too.  How can you make your mark in that environment?  By being friendly.  Smile often.  Listen to others when they speak and show kindness on a daily basis.  People you work with will appreciate it and so will clients you may work with as well.  You may be the first person people see in your workplace on a daily basis and by being friendly, you may set the tone for everyone in a given day.  This is a fantastic way to "make your mark" at your job!

We all want to be told we are doing well at our job.  However, a lot of times we may hear more about when we make mistakes.  Just because someone isn’t patting you on the back on a daily basis at your job, doesn’t mean what you do goes unnoticed at all.  In fact, if you work hard to “make your mark” in positive ways, you will be successful in your job and in your life as well.  Isn’t that what we all would like to do?

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush--Associate Broker, F.C. Tucker Emge
Photo Credit: Jason Goodman

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